In the Spotlight: Small Business guide for Vets

Personal Update

So before we dive into this week’s blog about another great resource for Vets, a quick personal update. It has been a hectic month and half since I last posted. Had surgery, extended recovery, and then became sick. Luck has not on my side recently. Hopefully, with being on the mend now, I can get back to post more blogs. So, changing it up a bit, I will start a new blog series to highlight websites that would be beneficial to Veterans, simply titled: In the Spotlight. This series is a means to separate review blogs from those more focused on mental health care. I will throughly review all websites before posting them to this site. My goal is to pass on information to those who need it and can benefit from the additional resources provided. It’s about improvement of quality of life. Now onto the review.

Small Business and Vets

Starting a small business can be daunting and stressful. True. If not properly planned and thought through carefully, it can be overwhelming. However, many Veterans find running a small business is what they strive for in their post military career. There are many resources available to Veterans who seek help with making their dreams become a reality. Don’t struggle on your own when you have companies such as that offer a great guide and resources for Veterans who want to pursue this path. Who are they? is an independent review website founded in 2015. Primary focus is providing honest reviews on the best tools and products for starting or growing a small business. That means services like hosting, site builders, ecommerce software and more. Vet Resource Guide offers a great step-by-step guide for Veterans to follow along with the beginning process of planning out a business. They also provide additional links to other great resources. The company recognizes the difficulties that come with starting/running a small business and wants to give Veterans additional information that is often overlooked.

Veteran Small Business Guide

The guide is informative and detail, give yourself plenty of time to digest all the information provided. This is not a quick read post nor should it be. Starting a small business shouldn’t be taken lightly, but with hard work and dedication, which all Vets are accustomed to, it is possible to get the help needed to start a business. They broke the post down into 4 key steps and several subtopics within each step. It is well worth the read. The break down of the steps and the resources provided are easy to follow. Even if you already have a small business, this post can give you further insight into other opportunities that you as a Veteran might have missed out on.


Without making this blog too long winded, I couldn’t do the justice in explaining all the vital information that has compiled together in their post. Feel that this is out of your reach, think again. According to the United States Small Business Association (SBA), 2 1/2 million businesses are run by veterans. Nearly 1 in 10 U.S. businesses is veteran-owned. They cover the entire range of business types: from professional and technical services to consulting, construction, consumer products, and more. Funding can be a major obstacle, but veterans have some advantages in obtaining the funds. Federal agencies are required to set aside a certain amount of funding for vets. This is especially helpful, given that many veterans lack sufficient credit history to get funding from traditional sources such as banks.

As always, I am not paid or compensated for this review by the company. This is of my own free will. I would like to extend a special thanks to Laura Johnson, Small Business Entrepreneurship Outreach Program at, for reaching out to me about adding the website to my Resources page.

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