Hiatus and Now Back Again

So, no blogs since early last year, what happened?

Greetings and Happy New Year everyone. First off want to apologize for the long hiatus. Health conditions got the better of me. Let say that 5 surgeries in 10 months will do a number on the body…and mind. I still have this far, knock on wood, only one more possible surgery to go. Let’s hope it’s the last for a long time.

New Year and fresh start again!

My goal for the new year is to get back on the blogs again, at least twice a month…if not more often. My lovely and supportive wife will assist me in staying on top of my website/blogging as I need reminders from time to time. I am slowly working on establishing good routines with work and this website. Need all the support I can get. I want to make sure to continue to upload content that can be useful for other Vets. As it is my main focus to provide good, honest context to those in need.

So what’s next?

I will continue with blogging about various topics related to mental health and wellness. Also my goal is to expand my resources page even more. There can never be too many resources available for those in need. I greatly appreciate the numerous requests from different organizations and companies to post their links on my page. I had to fix some issues with email notifications so I should be more on top of responding to any submission requests.

Thanks for the support

Finally I want to thank everybody for the support of this page. Even if it’s a quick look or have been following for sometime, it means a lot. This website is as much as for me as for all my fellow Vets fighting mental health issues. I’m here for you and your not alone. Regardless or service or time served, everyone counts. Please spread this website to anyone you think would benefit from the resources, blogs, and general information available. As always, recommendations and constructive feedback is welcomed.

So much for now and thank you for your time in reading this!

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