Frustration, despair…..HOPE

How,despite the odds, one keeps on going?

We have all fallen one time or another into darkness. Escape seems impossible, hope out of reach, people telling you “it will be all right” or “you’ll get over it”. If it was only that easy. Suffering with chronic mental condition(s) is an ongoing cycle of trying to fight through the pain and lead a somewhat “normal” life. There are “ok” days and days where darkness rules over the mind. Question is, what are you doing about it?

Time and effort

True that some people can pull themselves out of a rut but many others live with the gloom and hopelessness every waking moment. Some feel that life is not worth living if living is constantly disappointing and draining. But a another question I pose is, don’t you want a better life? Who wouldn’t? Next question is….are you willing to put forth the effort to get better? Have you really tried all the available resources for help out there or just brush it off as if your the only one that has this problem? Time and effort is needed to improve one’s quality of life. Also a dose of reality that there is no simple cure or fix it solution. It might take different approaches and treatments to help get back to a more stable position.

Truth and honesty

To start, a person must be willing to get help. How?Be honest and true about where they stand with their life and mental health. Pride is the biggest obstacle and is the biggest reason why individuals tend to not seek help. They lie to themselves and try to affirm “ I don’t need help, I got this!” “I am strong” “There is nothing wrong with me”. Well, it’s BS. Stop lying to yourself and get the help. It took a mental breakdown to finally get me to wake up and admit that I needed help. It should of never came to that point but pride did me in.

Stop! Get help! Do it for yourself.

The stigma of mental health is still present these days. It’s better then it has been in the past, but it still needs a lot of work so we can help those with it. Despite the numerous resources available, there are still those who doubt that there is anything that would work for them. Yes, certain treatments and methods might seem hokey, dumb, or time wasting. Nevertheless, try and find something to help yourself. Find religion, get a hobby, join a support group, go for a ride, spend time with friends/family, go hiking, explore what life has to offer instead of trapping yourself in your mind. Just do something to help better yourself.

Limitations and Finding an Outlet

I find myself in a predicament. I have/had numerous hobbies that would help me through the tough times. If I couldn’t do one activity, I would have something else to fall back on. Well in recent years, my physical health took a turn for the worse which left me not being able to enjoy riding my motorcycle, go scuba diving, or working out in the gym. Depression ever increasing, I have to look for other outlets to help me manage my ongoing mental frustrations. But I don’t give up, I push myself forward. Not just for myself but for those around me that care for me.

Down but not out

Despite all the negativity I face each day, I still try to remain optimistic. You never know what the future holds for you. A new treatment might be available to you, you find a support group that gives you new meaning, you find a new opportunity that you have been looking for. It’s easy to always look at the negative aspects of life, but there are countless positive ones that you probably wouldn’t consider. We all have just one life to live, why not make the most of it by experiencing and exploring what is out there that can help you turn your life around. I find inspiration in those people who, despite their physical or mental limitations, can be some of the happiest people around. They have to work at it but they keep going.

Wrap up

Had to get out some of my own thoughts/feelings on this post since I am facing more difficult news about my health issues recently. I am tired of all the issues I have to deal with, but I find myself looking at where I am now and where I have been before to realize that I am stronger today because of getting the help I need and having the support of the people around me.

Don’t give up on yourself! Those around you won’t give up on you, either, and are ready to help anyway they can. Just ask!

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