More Veteran Affairs transparency….YES!!

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Vets need a better medical screening tool! Word of mouth is a more common way for Vets to compare their local Veteran Affairs medical facilities with civilian facilities. But is civilian care always better? Is there a better way to compare? The Veterans Affairs (VA) had their own rating system in the past, but it […]


Sleep…what’s that?!

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An all to familiar statement often uttered by many Vets. Nights often hold no peace and no rest but instead become overwhelmed with restlessness and frustration. Either be waking up from nightmares, unable settle due to physical pain (my favorite one), or the damn brain will not shut up due to the countless thoughts racing […]


Mesothelioma and mental health.

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image from Why the long break between blogs? Nope, not being lazy. Just getting settled in my new home with the family in Middle Tennessee. It has been a big adjustment since retiring this year on April 28. For me, it hasn’t been too bad but for a formal workaholic; it has been rough. […]


Veteran Affairs and telehealth

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For most veterans, Veterans Affairs or “VA”, can invoke many types of emotions and feelings. Unfortunately, most of the comments/views are more negative than positive. In recent years, there have been many controversies over the administration and care vets receive at various VA medical centers. The VA is making headway in improving delivery of medical […]



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“It’s just another resource, another website, another person who is just trying to act like they know what I am going through”; often these are the thoughts running through my head when reviewing over some mental health websites. It can seem like any recommendations that are given are nothing more than empty claims or poor […]