Battle continues on

Never stop moving forward

The picture above comically sums up my and others current situation. There are days that it seems that the demons just become stronger than ever and the will to continue the fight becomes heavier. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option. Regardless how the pain seems hopeless, leaving this world and all those I hold dearly is a fate that is unimaginable. The moments with my children and my wife are what matter the most to me these days. But I am not alone and those who read this are not alone either.


Breaks, time away, vacation, sabbatical, …is needed. It’s good for the mind and soul. Life can be overwhelming but realizing that we do have control over our experiences. We can seek help or refuse it. We can take a break or continue to drudge through all the stresses of life.

It’s been a few months with no blog posts. I want to stay active with this page, even if only one person reads my blogs or finds some help through the resources, then it’s all worthwhile. I find that blogging and sharing veteran resources helps me cope with all that is crazy in my life.

Get back on the saddle again

So with a long break, I am back at blogging again. Don’t want this website to go by the wayside. I will post when I can since I have two upcoming surgeries. Just need to plan out some of my topics in advance. Also with the help of my wife, she will help me with posting as well.

Another habit I need to get back into which really helped me with my inner demons is woodworking. The sense of stress and worries seem to melt away with I focus my attention on the craft, whether it is scrollsawing, wood carving, or wood chipping, it feels great to complete a piece that I can be proud of. For some examples, check out my Personal Hobby page. By no means am I a craftsman but I take pride in my work but as well as humbled in continuing to expand my knowledge.

Final thoughts

A simple blog, but it’s a start for the new year. No matter what life throws at us, we can arise above it. Be it alone or with help, doesn’t matter, as long as you continue the fight. I am reminded of a saying from a kids movie that is simple but rings true.

A absent minded fish once said: “When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.” — Dory

Never give up, keep fighting!

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